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80s style band
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The INTERNET goes bang!
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What is WOKE?
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Wouldn't it be cool if every county or city had a people's republic?
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Group Name.
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Heimir Hallgrímsson Republic of Ireland Football Manager
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What do you listen to in the car?
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Junior B Hurling Championship 2024
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What lyric are you feeling right now?
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Back To School.
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What's On Today

Shaun Gorman
Arty's Bar, 9pm

Joe Mac
Cantys, 6pm

Tony Milner
Cantys, 9pm

Pôt-pôt & Messyng
Crane Lane Theatre, 11:30pm

DJ Sean Hardware(Crystal Bar)
Crane Lane Theatre, 11pm

Sunday & Bank Holiday Tours
Crawford Art Gallery, 2pm

Ursula Burke: These Fragile Monuments
Crawford Art Gallery, 10pm

From Source To Sea
Crawford Art Gallery, 10am

Amigo The Devil
Cyprus Avenue, 7pm

Dan O Keeffe
Dwyers Of Cork, 9:30pm

Brewhouse Jazz
Franciscan Well Brew Pub, 6:30pm

Fred Zeppelins, 8pm

Mick Grace Duo
Seventy Seven, 6pm

Gwada Mike (Sunset Party)
The Old Town Whiskey Bar at Bodega, 5pm

Blues Jam (Players Welcome)
The Poor Relation, 8pm

Pat Carey
The Welcome Inn, 8pm

The Sparrow (15A)
Triskel Arts Centre, 4:30pm

La Chimera (12A)
Triskel Arts Centre, 1:45pm


Coming soon..

Stand-up Comedy Club: Thursday Showcase
The Roundy
Thu 5th Sep

More info..

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