Councils To Change ‘County Cork’ to ‘County Oscar’ Purely To Rub It In

A proposal is to be put before Cork City and County Council to temporarily change the name of the county to County Oscar.

The motion will be put before the next session of both chambers to “rub it into other counties” according to sources at County and City Halls.

“We’ll run it for at least a year anyway,” said a source, “it’ll be worth it just to be sitting in Croke Park roaring UP THE OSCARS! at our hurlers”.

A separate proposal is to be floated in the next couple of weeks to replace both castles in the Cork coat of arms with an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

“How j’ah like that Conor Farrell, Brendan Neeson, Gabriel Brown and all those other so called famous actors from Dublin!” said an official at County Hall, “Cillian Murphy is light years ahead of that shower”.