Cork Wins Oscar

Cork has achieved something no other county in Ireland has managed – winning best actor at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The county took the award for its part in the movie Oppenheimer about a Yank and his buddies who nearly blew up the world (including Cork).

The extraordinary achievement by Cork has not gone unnoticed with the world’s film industry heaping praise on (one of) us.

The announcement went like this “And the winner of Best Actor is…..CORK!”.

In OUR victory speech, we gave a shout out to “all the peacemakers” earning us obvious praise and also comparisons with The Divine (Mathew 5:9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’) which being from Cork was not unexpected.

Cork captain Cillian Murphy (named in the official Clár as “C. Murphy / C Ó Murchú”), who received the award on the county’s behalf and played full forward in the movie, has already helped Cork to win an incredible six awards from open play this year including:  

Academy Award for Best Actor (winner: Cork)
Golden Globe for Best Actor (winner: Cork)
Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance (winner: Cork)
AACTA International Aware for Best Actor (winner: Cork)
Satellite Award for Best Actor (winner: Cork)
BAFTA Award for Best Actor (winner: Cork)

That’s a six-in-a-row.

For Cork.

Fair play to us.