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I'm a blogger and Content writer. Writing is my passion with this passion I have written many articles and news. Currently, I'm working as a full-time writer with Realclobber where I share my knowledge in various subjects across the world.
I love your posts and you are a welcome addition to place that can sometimes be hostile to intelligence. I'd like to know what you think of Kanturk's chances against Rathmore on Saturday. I think they have at least a 50/50 chance but somebody said they are the 25th best in Cork playing the 9th best in Kerry.
Thanks very much have been a long time reader of the forums, always enjoy takes from yourself WCG and Cork1990
I’d imagine that could be the case the only thing that makes me reconsider is Kanturk have 3-4 players who can change the game at that level
Eire Og got a right pasting at home to Tempenoe in a similar situation a few years back when they were a strong team at that grade. Many think Rathmore too talented for Kerry Int

I’d fancy Rathmore by 3-4 but wouldn’t rule Kanturk out at all
I was at that Templenoe game and Eire Og were very unlucky because the faced a gale force wind in the 1st half and Templenoe built up a huge lead that was impossible to peg back. Having said that, the better team won but the final score was a bit freakish.
Hi Jim - any chance you can delete the old posts in the Upstart Festival thread so that when people click it they get straight to 2022 relevant stuff.. I will delete my 2021 posts here (or should I start a new 2022 post?)
Thanks Jesper
Jim Comic
i feel it's always good for folk to see a history of things, gives more credibility
No problem Jim, I'll add a post or two to the thread over the next week.
Hi Stacky, Yes we hope Upstart Festival 2022 will be a great day out again. Thanks for your post. We are going to set up a new Upstart Festival 2022 post on PRofC as it get confusing to hit the first page and see posts about 2021, so look out for it. All the best Jesper ...hope you can get there!!
to show my support for russia ive made the cork flag a bit more russian with the slavic symbol (kolovrat) in the coat of arms area also how do i change pfp?


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