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Okay after this thread is renamed something less cocky i will say this.

Keeper is a worry for me. Quirke's kickouts are poor.

Offer Cadogan the chance to come back. He is wasting his time with the hurlers and he could nail down a place in this defence. He probably would have if he was with the squad for the last 2 years. We are one defender short of having a very tight backline.

Midfield is a worry. I'd have Pearse as no1 but he seems to be down the pecking order as of now. We don't really have the time to be fiddling around this year, start with the best team and let them work up am understanding.

For once we have a lot of fowards but I'd be worried we don't have enough top top drawer quality. This year will tell a lot. Is Kerrigan up to it? Jury is still out for me, hopefully he will settle in to the team. Masters needs a big season.

It will also be interesting to see if any U21's are brought in. Looking forward to hopefully a successful year.
I had a good feeling about 2007 and got burned, for the past year and a half I've been more cautiously optimistic.
We need to set out our stall out early and get some momentum going, starting with Waterford, carrying that into Killarney, where the course of our season will be defined.
Cork are laughably fourth favourites for the AI at 8's. Behind the animals, tyrone and the dubs.

On the hand it's the perfect way to be, extra motivation as well. Alas on the other hand when was the last time a fourth favourite won the AI
Cork football is at it's strongest period in 20 years.I'm very optimistic about cork football at the moment.

We have a lot going for us this year. Up to recently there was a shortage of forward power and we depended on one or two marksmen for our scoring such as Colin Corkery or James Masters. Teams such as Kerry very easily neutralised these marksmen and when this happened we were bereft of scoring options. We know have a wealth of forward power.

There is also a ruthlless physicality and toughness that is required to win an all Ireland. For the past few years Nicolas Murphy has been pissing blood for days after having his kidneys pulverised by Daragh O Shea (A Very dirty footballer) in the championship. Pierse O Neill is more than a match for Darragh in the physical stakes with the result that Darragh now usually gets sent off. He apparently does not like the taste of his own medicine.

This team is very strong down the centre with a few Niall Cahalane like mutants such as Shields, Canty and Pierse O Neill who as well as being fantastic footballers will take no prisoners and have a driving will to win.
I also think that this Manager is lucky--so roll on Kerry
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