pj coogan show

hears some one on with peej crying that she brought her dog to a groomer
and when she collected the dog he was nearly scalped, I only caught the tail end of conversation but I think she called the guards, jesus wept,
I tuned in to hear PJ say to somebody "oh I thought you were a groomer"
I was wondering where the story was going, then I discovered it was dog grooming,
See that there is the difference Neil and Peej

Neil is taking to some poor woman who lost her child to suicide while Peej is talking about a dog that got a 2 back and sides
The Old Moderns
Clancys, 15-16 Princes St.

5th May 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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Andy Dunne

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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