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  • Happy New Year Tony,

    Bit of info about the football camp:
    I hear paddy Kelly is a huge doubt as to whether he is coming back to the set up, got married alright recently but that he is very sore over last year (and who could blame him). Goulding probably will come back but like so many of the experienced players disillusioned with this idiot and his 3 cronies, all legends but totally out of their depth unfortunately.
    Heard Mary I didn't have a team 1/2 an hour before the game yesterday

    Flanagan is involved with his own coach from Waterford - circa 400 per session!! the sickeing thing is it was leen who made the contact for Cuthbert as he had Flanagan with douglas this year and we know they did fuck all.
    Flanagan is a decent coach, HOWEVER he is a mercenary effectively and will make suggestions but the problem with Cuthbert is he is a control freak and fancies himself as a southern jim mcguinness. Flanagan will simply go with the flow its a great earner for him and he has no real buy in with cork. Ed Coughlan who was with mayo last year and is in cit now was asked by Cuthbert but told him to fuck off. I know your away from cork but Cuthbert is not popular amongst very many people, he has no personality and is just one of these difficult to like characters.
    Flanagan worked well with jack o connor and still has a nixer with it Tralee so has a different attitude to Kerry.
    Its going to be a shit year from what Ii can see.
    Howya tony,

    met a cork selector today and asked him about the dual players, his answer - 'I haven't seen them in fucking weeks' before he walked off! an absolute joke of a situation, there will be fierce hassle in the camp if any of the 3 are involved in the squad vs tipp
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Punk Rock Factory
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

6th Oct 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Blue Steel

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 10pm

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