Cork u20 Hurling 2024

I was wondering how long it would take before the Limerick langers jumped in here to defend the outstanding level of officiating delivered in every cork game (if anything, in favor of Cork, of course).
It is in every other counties interests to see this trend against Cork continue.
These lads are to Limerick as King Silkbeard is to Russia.
I wonder how many Cork men we have fighting our corner in Limerick, Clare, Kerry chat forums?
Just stop. This is McCarthyism level of paranoia 😆

are you nuts?

I am reading through the topic and while the rage is understandable its a bit rich.
Even with this under 20 group

wrong red card for Keane
Clear foul on gunning before the decisive goal in the semi final
2nd yellow not given to Ben O connor v Clare munster final
Clear red card not given to Kingston V Offaly

the decision on the goal was ludicrous last night but other than that the refereeing was completely even.

Cork are not being blagarded

download (21).jpeg
So just to recap

youve spent half your day on this website spouting utter bilge about a giant ref conspiracy v cork but you dont have the time to look up stats on 4 matchs played this year ?

Ya, because it takes half a day to type 10 words.
Go away back to Limerick, or the Hurling thread at least.
You have no business in a Cork u20 hurling thread.
Except of course, to defend the shockingly biased refereeing against Cork. (Actually, this is very much in your interests).
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