Cork u20 Hurling 2024

I remember we were absolutely shafted by a referee in the 2017 U21 Munster Final in the Gaelic Grounds. The referee works in LIT. Rory McGann from Clare awarded Limerick 20 frees to Cork’s 4. This was one bad decision as opposed to being shafted all night.
you skipped over the 2023 all ireland final u 20 where cork should have had two red cards in the first 20 minutes

are you nuts?

I am reading through the topic and while the rage is understandable its a bit rich.
Even with this under 20 group

wrong red card for Keane
Clear foul on gunning before the decisive goal in the semi final
2nd yellow not given to Ben O connor v Clare munster final
Clear red card not given to Kingston V Offaly

the decision on the goal was ludicrous last night but other than that the refereeing was completely even.

Cork are not being blagarded
Tbh the refs flaing us is a knee jerk reaction to last night and not at all objective, just raw after the defeat. As you mentioned Kingston last year was a blatant red and even as recent as last week, SOD should have had a black card and got a yellow.
The bottom line is that officials make mistakes for all counties
The wides lost it even do the goal was a terrible
Mistake, but it is rich taking any criticism from someone from Clare of all counties, the fact that you are reaching back to last year shows the small county mindset
nope, this year and last to show the enduring consistancy of big decisions in favour of Cork that were hugley significant in outcomes.
You will note that the things i am citing are specific and are there to refute this insane theory that theres a bias against cork
I was wondering how long it would take before the Limerick langers jumped in here to defend the outstanding level of officiating delivered in every cork game (if anything, in favor of Cork, of course).
It is in every other counties interests to see this trend against Cork continue.
These lads are to Limerick as King Silkbeard is to Russia.
I wonder how many Cork men we have fighting our corner in Limerick, Clare, Kerry chat forums?
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