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Vlad is the Man, He is demonised because he has disrupted the regime change plans for the US/NATO/ Gulf States in Syria. AND establishment of a NATO base in Crimea.
With his alliance with China ,he has escaped the control of the US dollar reserve currency tyranny.
Vlad did not invade and create chaos in Libya,Iraq.Yugoslavia, Yemen, Somalia. He does not drone innocent wedding parties in Pakistan and Yemen as Nobel prize winer Obama does.
Th real war criminala are Bushes,Poppy and GW, Dick Cheney ,Clintons ,Bill & Hillary,Obama.Rumsfield,Blair. Madeleine Albright,Victoria Nudelmann and more.
Stop imbibing the Western propaganda liquor.
LGBT, Transgender pissholes are minority of minority issues. Real issues are hunger ,poverty, homelessness, jobs and peace.
THis post did not age well!:rolleyes:
View attachment 27833Vlad is the man. Would love to see him in a one on one scrap with Zelensky. Vlad would pummel him.
We’re seeing a lot of rather homoerotic posts concerning political strongmen from you lately. Is there a reason for it? Give up altogether?

(While I have you here, since Silky is occupied with his election, tell us why you think Putin deserves to lop off a big piece of Ukraine. If you dare).
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