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LGBT propaganda laws which mean that it's illegal to even talk about homosexuality in public in Russia.Any opposing voices both in the media and from opposition parties silenced or murdered.The Russian military blowing innocent kids to bits in Syria.Then there was that time the Russian navy submarine sank and outside assistance was not accepted until it was too late to save the doomed crew.Bit of a nasty man is Vladimir.He needs to bought before the Hague imo.
Like most leaders of the major nations he has blood on his hands.

He plays an important role in keeping some bit of balance in the crux of the world's problems i.e. the middle east.
Vlad is the Man, He is demonised because he has disrupted the regime change plans for the US/NATO/ Gulf States in Syria. AND establishment of a NATO base in Crimea.
With his alliance with China ,he has escaped the control of the US dollar reserve currency tyranny.
Vlad did not invade and create chaos in Libya,Iraq.Yugoslavia, Yemen, Somalia. He does not drone innocent wedding parties in Pakistan and Yemen as Nobel prize winer Obama does.
Th real war criminala are Bushes,Poppy and GW, Dick Cheney ,Clintons ,Bill & Hillary,Obama.Rumsfield,Blair. Madeleine Albright,Victoria Nudelmann and more.
Stop imbibing the Western propaganda liquor.
LGBT, Transgender pissholes are minority of minority issues. Real issues are hunger ,poverty, homelessness, jobs and peace.
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