Training Run Times

24 miles for me this morning - 65 miles for the week. That's the last of the mega-long runs. Again, due to various commitments, our training group was well dispersed this week so, like last Sunday, I ran it alone. After tearing myself a new groin last Sunday, I ran the first 15 around 12 sec per mile slower this week and also ran them on the flat. As a result I was better able to gradually get the squeeze on for the 6 MP at the end - comes a lot easier when you're not so shagged.

There wasn't a sinner out when I started at 06:45 but the place was thronged with runners from around 08:00 on. Some very tasty groups in action - real speedsters.

All about minding the body from here on in. Ideally two weeks in the 50's mileage-wise, then cut to 30 then 20. Fingers crossed the groin behaves itself..
We are into the last week before the taper now on the DCM program . TBH, that's a good thing for me - the various niggles (esp. hamstring) are accumulating and could do with an ease-off, so hopefully we'll get to next Sunday OK.
Can't complain about the training from the distance side - have averaged 47 miles over the last eleven weeks with seven of those weeks well over the 50 miles. The only problem is that I haven't been able to get any speed going - it's always a strain to get to the 6:45 steady delivery. Hopefully reducing the mileage will put some more spring in there.
C., I see you're getting decent mileage done on your weekend spins - well done lad, the body seems to have handled that HM just fine (y)
Terrier, you seem to be in a fairly good place right now. Keep it that way now for the last few weeks. I see what you're saying about speed, but let's be honest, you were always a slow cooker. [Auto correct changed that, but I think I'll leave it as 'cooker' now😂]. The strong base and the decent mileage is probably more important for you. Those 15 mile runs at M pace are your key sessions. Are you on the Really Old Lads club team this year?
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