The Rangers FC (2012)

stan ogden

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Huge result for them. Outplayed Red Bull throughout, thought they'd be better tbh.

The residents of Seville will be bracing themselves for what's coming their way. It won't be pretty.
It’s a pity for them. They probably jumped through all kinds of hoops to get a final in the first place so as to paint their city in a positive light … and then only to have Rangers come to town and absolutely wreck the place.


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Some going for a new club. Making Celtic looking like amateurs.

Certainly Celtic have been a lot more risk averse. They saw what happened to Rangers when their European gamble didn't pay off. A bit like what happened to Leeds United but without the EPL mega-money cushion. So Rangers went bust. Now that The Rangers FC/Sevco/TheOldFirm FC are gambling successfully in Europe it shows Celtic's conservative stewardship in stark contrast and TRFC are delighted their gamble has paid off - this time. Longer term though they're going to need financial backing to stop imitating their previous incarnation and going bust too.

This Europa run though is certain to breathe life into an ailing club. Will it attract suitable investors though? And if it does, will the old carpetbaggers agree to being bought out themselves now that there's a hint of success? Interesting times.


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Huge bonus but definitely shouldn’t be the seed for a EL winner because no top seed should ever find themselves in the EL.


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