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I'll be keeping on eye on that Danish fella Lilleso. Between him and Vang Christiansen the fella who won euro cross they have a pair who could be excellent seniors

The comm games 1500m is on at 13.00. As stong as a worlds final. Only Ingy not there.

800m at 19:45 with Keeley, Muir and Moraa and 5000m striaght after at 20:10 Kimeli, Krop, Rambo and Beamish.

Twould make you nostalgic for the empire
Tbh, I haven't been paying much attention to the CGs but that sounds like a banging little line up there. Will tune in.

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Its been a balls to follow cos you're stuck on the beeb feed and all they want to show is lawn bowls

Edit: spoilers
Delighted for Hoare. I listen to his podcast a lot and he comes across as a bit of a legend.
He bombed out at worlds. Probably the biggest shock of the worlds 1500 heats

Good race. Great to see Tim back in form

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Yeah. She was all over the map.

That tracking shot they have that pans along with the athletes at track level is great

You can see Moraa's back arched like a Syrian Bow.

Contrast to Kiplimo who couldn't have been cleaner at a million MPH

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