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Does Frank Need To Go

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Would you be happier if we had the old decrepid stadium?

Listening to a local TD on radio this morning was galling, He claimed the Gaa are different to other sporting organisations due to our amateur status and volunteers, What an insult to volunteers in soccer. rugby, boxing,and so many other clubs.

And what's that got to do with it anyway? The bandwagon jumping Sinn Fein TDs might be surprised to learn that that, unfortunately, the contractors and hundreds of staff hired to build the stadium weren't volunteers, and the materials used weren't provided at cost price.

Are we supposed to turn around to Bank of Ireland and say "sorry we're behind on repayments, but we're a voluntary organisation so what about".
Look lads I’m sure the vulture fund who eventually get it if the cb can’t service their debts will retain the name and the dead man’s grandson and the Tánaiste currently welcoming the Chinese vice president will be happy that tradition has been upheld
County board delegate and Echo columnist John Arnold said the proposed decision was like “spitting on the memory” of long-time GAA administrator Pádraig Ó Caoimh who the stadium was named after. “It’s difficult to describe the feelings of anger and betrayal,” the GAA historian said. “When I heard the news I was a mixture of feelings. I was crying and angry. I told myself that it had to be the first of April. It had to be a joke.” He questioned where the line would be drawn. “Are we going to get to a stage where Páirc Uí Rinn is renamed 7Up Páirc? To be fair, I still call it Flower Lodge.
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