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Does Frank Need To Go

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Correct so you're now seeing the PR side of things yes? And starting to see where I am coming from?
You see this as a sign that SuperValu are going to up their offer?

Or that a rake of other suitors are going to jump in a bidding war, eventually pay more and not bother demanding their name be attached to the stadium?
Glad the brakes have been put on "SuperValu Park". Trying to quickly railroad something very controversial and divisive through any committee or board is always a bad sign of leadership and I'm surprised O'Donovan took that option. It's ironically quite Frank Murphy of him.

SuperValu Park me hole.
I'd be happy enough with Supervalu Pairc Ui Chaoimh. I think most would. It's quite literally money for nothing, and if they are getting the quoted €250k I'd say fair play to whoever negotiated that deal.
I've yet to hear anyone call Independent Park anything but Musgrave Park tbh.
Politicians are amongst the most perceptive at detecting the direction the public wind is blowing, and its strength (and then blowing in the same direction). Their weather vane was accurate. So I believe we've avoided a net financial own-goal here. A gain in marketing revenue in one area would have cost more marketing revenue in other areas. For a start, Rebels Bounty sales-impact would (in my estimation) have been more than we're getting.

We'll see now what new proposal (if any) will emerge, perhaps with a lower sponsorship value, and that proposal will then be assessed on its merits (which includes an assessment of public support).
No disprespect to anyone here but how long do we honour an individual for ? It is pairc ui chaoimh since 1976 and was other name before that, must we keep the name ui Chaoimh for ever more??
One may legitimately question the knowledge of the ordinary man/woman on the street, and may disagree with their views, but disregard/dismissal of their views is the very opposite of marketing-revenue expertise. I expect marketing-revenue expertise was brought to bear yesterday. The ordinary Cork man/woman appear to have a strong desire to keep Ó Chaoimh's name on the stadium name.

As to whether parties may or may not walk away, no deal is better than a net loss-making deal.
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