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Does Frank Need To Go

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Wonder if SuperValu themselves might compromise on the naming?

They may be spooked by the strength of the language and comments, such as this from O'Keeffe's grandson

"It is galling to me that SuperValu would consider making the eradication of my grandfather’s legacy a condition of sponsorship"

It's not as if they are some faceless corporation, they are a "local" business and if the perception is out there that they forced removal of "Ui Chaoimh" I can't imagine that will be what they had envisaged.
Correct so you're now seeing the PR side of things yes? And starting to see where I am coming from?
This is disgusting. I cannot believe us The 'Rebel' county would sell our soul and take the soup of the corporate world. We have gone seriously backwards as a county in the last 20 years. Everyone should hang their heads in shame that it has come this far. Christy Ring would have put a stop to this nonsense if he were around today.
Would you be happier if we had the old decrepid stadium?
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