Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

This is how UA got the details of this bastard, who bombed Mariupol theatre and children hospital, well done to the wife who lured all other hahahah

I wonder if Tarantino would do Inglorious Bastards part two, this time they will cut Z on the forehead.


This mofo, proud son of Russia, oh no! He apparently is Ukrainian who went to the dark side! What a c*nt.

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Another great achievement of Vlad NATO's salesman of the year. Well done Vlad, you have now 1300km-long border with NATO.


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The sad thing about this war from an Ukraine perspective is that they are losing their brightest and best while the Russians are losing their criminals and emptying their jails


The worse is that this is the same last three centuries with every and each conflict with those barbarians, no matter how they call themselves at the time.

brainwash populations --> claim the threat --> invade the neighbor --> brutally kill resistance, use rapes, steal, burn, terrorize, brutally treat everyone (including collaborates on the way) --> execute people from pre-made lists of intellectuals, potential leaders, send the others to the camps, kidnap kids --> while conquering use the burned soil tactic --> allow soldiers to take their 'prizes', introduce state managed mechanisms to steal valuable goods, industry, resources --> russification and deportations of the remaining population --> eradication of culture --> they become the Empire having new patch of land, new slaves and ready to do it again

This is the reason ALL of russia's neighbors hate them so much. This is the reason Central and Northern Europe was calling for alarm since 2008.
LOL, here is an article from Mosow Komsomolec, an official gov newspaper in russia. So if someone is stupid enough like those who believe in news from India, here is is ;)

It says:
Dozens of foreign officers killed by hypersonic Kinzhal strike on NATO communications center


This is how this country built on foundation of lies and terror works. That "Greek media" from this propaganda is one of those I was posting here, used for spreading fakes and actually I was posting about that, when some other users here with russian dildos in all of their wholes were happy spreading here as the real and only independent sources of truth. Same mechanism is used in less educated countries like India by russia, half of Africa and the standard crowd of European and American weirdos and conspiracy theories lunatics.

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