Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

LOL this is not 1st of April entry hahaha there is another russian fake in RuNET released :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

It says:
The Oscar laurels do not rest with the Russian propaganda. Following the film: "Ukrainians attacked a car with a woman and child without panties", they released the film: "Polish mercenaries attacked Ukrainians". Assessment. Filming - crap, costumes - crap, actors - crap, voice acting - crap.

I love the moment when the guy gets out from the car with no weapon to start a fist fight :LOL: wearing some sort of russian uniform, no emblems and on the chest is what? Slayer logo? hahahahaha that nation is so dumb it is unbelievable :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

I agree with you that these head bangers will be around for the medium term but once Trump goes, their influence on mainstream US politics will fade IMO

Trump is an enigma and the GOP are afraid to alienate his base. I don't see another figure emerge for the Trump base to latch on to
USA had to go through it get it out of their system will be a bit like the Irish and Sinn Fein.
and we need to remember that:

- orcs due to sanctions also do not have technology to replace used and worn pieces of the installation
- the easy to access fields are going to deplete soon
- they do not have actual power/means to transfer the oil and gas over to China and India to replenish loses due to losing European (the most profitable, stable and large) market in fast enough manner
- even when shifting the flow of those, the price is ridiculous comparing to what they were getting from Europe. And they will never get back to business as usual.
- being dependent on selling oil and gas to China is a different thing than selling it to Europe. putler already kneeled in front of Winnie the Pooh ;) orcs are back to their roots, being governed by Asian nations where their place is.


Yeah !

Vlad the Great was gonna restore the Soviet Empire

Instead he has turned his 'great' nation into a glorified gas station for his great friend from the East

Vlad & Xi are now looking like a comedy duo - maybe Laurel & Hardy

They hold a historic summit and agree to nuclear restraint

Xi has just about got over his jet lag and Vlad announces he's moving nukes to Belarus

These two guys are serious players in International Diplomacy LOL
Ah. The dangers of posting articles without reading them first. A chronic condition for some. 😂
For all those posters who claim sanctions are hurting Russia we see the country improving relations with China, India, Islamic World, Africa, Latin America and South East Asia as foreign minister Lavrov has said. Way to go US EU you managed to unite the world against you.
Interesting how middle schoolers and Russian trolls think that if one is buying heavily discounted oil from a weak Russia, one is now “for” Russia and “against” the West.

Interesting how middle schoolers and Russian trolls think that if one is buying heavily discounted oil from a weak Russia, one is now “for” Russia and “against” the West.

What countries recently had bank failures, was it sanction hit Russia? No because like Syria, Iran and Venezuela they have their own independent currencies.
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