Immigration Thread

wattsapp going around of a recording of a call made to macroom garda stn by a woman demanding gardai take action on a prostitution ring operating from the direct provision centre, black women offering sex in punters cars,
guard said they are aware of it,
Ukraine wan in Redbarn as well, seemingly the culchie training college in Clon was riddled with them for a while.

"Some of us could see almost from the start that something was not quite right about the numbers [of Ukrainians] arriving in Ireland. We were able to see what was happening in other EU countries, and that we appeared to be taking more than our fair share...

But for months on end the Government refused to listen to any objections. We were condescended to instead, and sometimes shouted down by a self-righteous Government that would not listen to legitimate concerns. Suddenly, those concerns have become mainstream and are accepted as perfectly obvious...

It’s all very well for Cabinet members to admit now we might have bitten off more than we can chew in terms of refugee numbers — but this was obvious months ago, to anyone paying attention to what was happening in plain view.

I’m reminded of the words of media tycoon Logan Roy to his adult children in one of the last episodes of the hit TV series Succession: 'You are not serious people.'
This sentiment might well be applied to some of our ministers as well."
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7th Dec 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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