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So an NGO is telling the government they are breaking the law as they have by their own admission exhausted every avenue for housing asylum applicants

Where are they supposed to actually house ever increading numbers of international protection applicants?

The amount of people claiming Asylum here has skyrocketed by 400% in 2023 this with a majority of applicants from countrys designated as safe ( Georgia, Algeria).

Michael McDowell for me identified the problems in our system quite clearly in our system in his Irish Times column last may , namely ' economic migrants presenting themselves without identity documents, visas or prior notification in countries where they would be entitled to social welfare payments'.The system has effectively already collapsed.

How can we fix a system that is clearly not working if we cant even have the discussion about the need for reform? Mcdowell quite sensibly identifies that what we are doing at present cannot continue.
'Although it may be unfashionable to say it, there has to be a big international rethink on conventions and law on asylum and protection. The present mess is not sustainable for liberal democracies. It will fuel illiberal politics if people’s legitimate worries are condemned as wrong-headed or worse by politicians who seem helpless to control events'.

Draconian censorship laws wont address the underlying problem of an asylum system unfit for purpose.
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I don't know where else to put this. But these hate speech laws are an extremely regressive step. Governments are slowly encroaching on our freedoms to the point that we protest a little and they step back but then using that protest to encroach a little bit more. This is where we are headed. You can forget your freedom. Read a book called ordinary men by Robert Browning if you want to see how this process works.
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