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Why the fuck is there a bike symbol in the middle of the road then?? Do you not understand signage on a road??

While it might have been courteous of JG to pull in and let the entitled motorist to pass, JG had every right to cycle in the lane as he did. The bike symbol indicates cycling priority.
Link? Afaik that symbol painted on the road indicates to motorists that cyclists share the route and to be aware of them. Nothing about them having priority


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Corks own says cycling is his number one way of keep fit, he'd want to put his helmet on right do :D

Surprised he didn’t get attacked for wearing a helmet. Cyclists can be quite sensitive about helmets.


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My word, you can't handle the technical discussion of being on the road. No wonder you were sacked from your bus driving job, you clearly are incapable of being behind the wheel ;)
Was I sacked from my coach driving jobs.....really ????

We are firmly in the imaginary assumption sphere now.

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