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My word, you can't handle the technical discussion of being on the road. No wonder you were sacked from your bus driving job, you clearly are incapable of being behind the wheel ;)
Was I sacked from my coach driving jobs.....really ????

We are firmly in the imaginary assumption sphere now.
the fella going on about how he was doing 40km/h going down a road. big deal! as has been said here earlier context is everything. how long was the motorist stuck behind yer man?

if you were to drive from say wilton to somewhere in mallow it might take about 45 minutes. if you check the travel info on your dash afterwards your likely to see “average speed 60km/h” “trip distance 32km” give or take. the majority of your trip time would be spent in built up areas where you’re travelling at 30-50km/h.

if you’re a decent cyclist no matter where you’re cycling your average speed would be 15-20km/h. you might get a burst of 50 down a hill but if you think someone travelling at 30-50 average over probably a longer distance is willing to wait for 15-20km/h rider then you’re out of your mind.

cyclists need to cop the fuck on. luckily i’m living in a city with around 30km of cycling lanes and a good cycling lifestyle. the lycra clad are never a problem here. compared to ireland there’s no sense of entitlement on the road and bar one accident where a driver ran a red light and clipped a cyclist i’m yet to witness any other incident.

if you act t cunt on the bike you’re fined and if you’re also a driver they’ll take your licence from you for a period of time with a lesser fine.

edit: 230km

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