2023 Premier sfc

Nail on the head..
It was really funny though to be fair to whichever Rosscarbery guy was behind Foxytrav.. Like all parody accounts there was a lot of accuracy to the ridiculousness and bias of the two characters from “the brewery town”, to the point of it being bordeline believable 😂😂
Do you think it was someone from Ross?
I'm not so sure. I think from Clon
Over lunch I’ve read all the posts in recents on this registration and transfer saga. Wow Fruce you went full turbo on this!!’
I have to say that you owe Jimmy Barry Murphy an apology. While reading I lost count of how many times he and others too gave you the correct info Fruice but you doubled down hard on him especially, calling him out and a bluffer.. now that you’ve admitted you were wrong all along, be a man, hold your hand up and apologise.. we all make mistakes
I don’t need any apology Glasaboy..
The chap is very emotionally involved in the topic and isn’t a happy camper. I admire his passion though. Ballydesmond is a complex one on this issue.
However, he will hopefully realise now that rules on anything should be read carefully and understood. Obviously the folly of using his own definition for a key term in the rule book and trying to repeatedly ram that down others throats!!
Sure anyway the GAA is a community full of people who don’t know the rules 😂😂😂 and don’t realize they don’t know the rules. Stand at any match and listen to the comments from the crowd at the ref etc and you’d wonder was it most of thems first time going

Culture Night: BoolaBoom's Live Street Disco
Cork City Centre

22nd Sep 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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Coco Comedy Club: Thursday Showcase!

The Roundy, Today @ 8:30pm

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