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From a Clon perspective we’ll take that. We should have beaten the Haven this year. And even with a few potential absentees we’ll have too much for Valleys and Ross.
So the year for Clon will be a failure if they don't win at least 2 games right?
For a club of Clons pedigree and rich tradition, any year you don’t bring Andy Scannell home is a failure.

No doubt challenges ahead this year with Haulie’s departure and guys going travelling but we’ll plough on. The young talent coming through will get their chance, and when you have stalwarts of the calibre of Clancy, Shanley, the Whites and Liam ODonovan you don’t fear anyone.
Hard to see Clon doing any damage in that group Fox. Have Clon ever done much without Haulie at the wheel?
No question Haulie has been the mastermind behind much of Clons success but thankfully we have one of the best young managers in the county coming in to replace him, a guy who’ll go to the very highest level in years to come I have no doubt.

I wouldn’t be overly worried about the group, neither Ross nor Valleys have the same calibre of players as Clon, and I’d expect us to rattle the Haven even without our absentees. Tough battles, no doubt but I’d be surprised if we don’t come out of that group.
Christmas Special with Chris Kent and Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

29th Dec 2023 @ 9:00 pm
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Comedy Cavern : Open Mic

Coughlan's, Today @ 8:30pm

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