2023 Premier sfc

I believe it's someone from close to the locality. Hard to see anyone from Clon itself speaking about the club like he did. But question is, will Fox make an appearance at the weekend?
There is only one man that it could be. He is from the neighboring parish and is the top dog of Cork GAA.. it’s him, it must be him 😀
Agreed I believe this agreement has gone too far and we should vote to bring back the fox
We can’t vote about something that has nothing to do with us.. He was thrash talking and in that bullied other contributors into taking bets from him that he lost.. I know the guy.. As a man from the brewery town he knows a bet is a bet.
Plus his team was knocked out the last weekend so he isn’t interested anymore 😂😂😂
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

2nd Mar 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Karol Modzelewski

City Limits, Tomorrow @ 8pm

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