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Is this the Map you are referring to? In this map it highlights two areas one as part of killmallock and the other Lismore.

Does this mean parts of Cork are taken under the control of another County board?And if so must they play within those County’s and not Cork?
That map is as Clear as mud!!
I’d say it’s probably right to refer any queries on particular areas/addresses to Cork County Board for clarification.
Thanks for clarifying I have a genuine interest in this and the correct workings of this.
to be honest I wasn’t aware of the existence of such a map and by proxy extension of GAA administrative boundaries.

Is there any where one could view such a map?

I fully appreciated there was certain clubs with special rules in place to allow them field players from across county boundaries.
Over lunch I’ve read all the posts in recents on this registration and transfer saga. Wow Fruce you went full turbo on this!!’
I have to say that you owe Jimmy Barry Murphy an apology. While reading I lost count of how many times he and others too gave you the correct info Fruice but you doubled down hard on him especially, calling him out and a bluffer.. now that you’ve admitted you were wrong all along, be a man, hold your hand up and apologise.. we all make mistakes
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