Which are the Terrorist States and Why?

Which are the world's major Terrorist States

  • Russia

  • Israel

  • China

  • Iran

  • UK

  • US

  • Syria

  • Nort Korea

  • Egypt

  • Serbia

Results are only viewable after voting.
IRA lover puts the UK into a list of "terrorist states" but leaves out the likes of Pakistan and Iraq.

Zero credibility as usual from ScumMan
After already explaining to Statty that PROC limit the list to just 8 MOE decides to go full-on lemming and claimed I have “zero credibility” for not including the countries he wants in the restricted PROC list 🙄

Over to you MOE of the countries I put in the poll, all of which have attracted votes by the way - which ones do you think aren’t deserving of the term, and as asked previously - WHY do you include the ones you do?

At least you don’t think Australia and/or New Zealand are Terrorist States I suppose 😎
That's the beast, Croatians (Roman Catholics) were always protecting Europe from Turks (Muslim), as a result of Croatian success, you have a lot of Turkish (Muslim) influence in Bosnia and Serbia. Bulgaria and Romania along with Macedonia and Serbia are eastern orthodox, Croatians are the only ones that are Roman Catholic, Albania Muslim, Kosovo Muslim, Montenegro Orthodox too. Balkan is a melting pot of everything and anything. What I would be concerned about is Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment, that will explode soon and get split, it's a matter of months I'd say
Correct Bosnia is a powederkeg but Serbia constantly poking the bear aided and abetted by the Russians. The yanks are firmly rooted in Kosovo so that take care of that. Serbia is caught in no man’s land either move forward and prosper but they appear to believe they are still a regional power who can wield power but those days long gone.
Go away you fucking idiot

Funny Ireland came into my mind as a terrorist state.
Considering how your Scum of an terrorist organisation abused the flag of this Nation.

SF/IRA = Scum

Oh the self-loathing is strong with Otto and Earl and no doubt about it.

Your notion that Ireland is a Terrorist State speaks volumes about you. :rolleyes:
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