VMWare - Ballincollig

Downsizing I've heard, just don't need the office space. They have something like 6 buildings out there?
That'll be a trend that'll continue within tech circles I'd say - remote work is here to stay, no point paying rent/rates on big empty office buildings - 30/40% of the footprint with hot-desking will be more than enough for most companies with the right infrastructure in place.
Well.... I'd totally forgotten about this thread.
Seems I made the right choice in staying where I was overall.... even though the kids have English accents now.

I wound up moving out of sales and moving into BI ..even though I've been totally blagging it for near a decade now.
...benefits of working for a private company I guess.

That's awful sad if a load of jobs do go out there though.
...Can't see how it relates to the brits or the IRA though... mind you, some fuckers always squeeze those into every thread it seems.
How many jobs have actually gone officially ? How easy is it to get property that is zoned for office space changed to residential i wonder ? I think thats the next thing we will see , former offices spaces converted into apartments.
Good luck to any VMware employees who are in this group. Broadcom have now received clearance and over the next 40 days we'll see the true impact.
Product wise, it appears Horizon is going
It seems to have started. I was in the Tradehouse Wednesday night. A bunch of VMW heads in the room at the back getting baladdered. From what I could see it was mostly the finance group as I recognised a few long timers. They were giving the cleaners plenty to do. Classy bunch.
Fair play to them but have to love the optimism from Cork Beo in the final sentence.

'CorkBeo has reached out to Broadcom for comment'.

That'll do the trick!!!

Just imagine the PR and Corporate Communications department at Broadcom Global HQ, holding tense, fraught meetings in order to draft a statement for CorkBeo, as journalists from WSJ and FT left waiting in reception!!
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