the wine thread

I just ordered a slab of that there.

If you disappoint me, de mange, there'll be punishment.

Sorry RingY.. I’m busting my ass laughing here because I’ve just realised the image of the bottle I posted is not the one I ordered! It is from the same producer but its the Nero d’Avola I ordered, not the Nerello Mascalese, the label is identical otherwise :lol!:
Mail them and see if they can switch it

In better news, I have had that one as well, and while it is not quite as good it is a very nice wine. None of this will matter anyway because it doesn’t taste like buckfast, meths, or linden village
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Sorry bah

Its funny as fuck though.. almost like I meant it :lol!:

Its a nice wine, you’ll be grand. Order a slab of the d’Avola as well shur and you can compare the 2 if the wop lets you have a sup

I bought this scene.

If these are bad, m8, there'll be hell to pay.

You should talk to the dublin law about a witness protection type of scheme.

Just exploratory discussions, like.

For now.
Ordered a few bits from Xtra wine just there (they always seem to have some sort of sale on)

got a bottle of 2015 Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, a 2019 Primitivo del Salento, a couple of different bottles of Aglianico Del Vulture, and some high grade lambrusco

should see me through July any way

This was €10 in SuperValu last night. Fairly well rated on Vinino so I grabbed a bottle. Gonna pop it open in a bit. Will report back.

Haven't had much success with bargain hunting since I started drinking wine. Still looking for a decent French red <€18.
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