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following on from a prominent, respected, senior PROCcers revelation, that she would actually drink the muck better known as jacobs creek, i figured it is time to start a wine thread so we could all benefit from

i get far more enjoyment finding a really good bottle at a good price than splashing out on an expensive bottle you know is going to be good.. there are tonnes of fantastic wines out there for around a tenner

so what are your favourites then, what have you discovered recently? if its successful then we could end up with a nice reference list of wines available here

i'll kick off then - i love big reds, tesco are doing this for €7.50 at the moment, down from €15, unbelievable value

Castillo de San Lorenzo Rioja Reserva 2004


had a bottle of this out to dinner sat night - MAN vintners shiraz 2006, another big spicy red, really enjoyable bottle. was €18 in the restaurant, so i would imagine somewhere around a tenner in an offie


the first person to post blue nun or liebfraumilch gets a virtual smack :p
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Aldi do a Savage single vineyard Medoc for about the €8 mark.

In fact Aldi do a lot of quality reds, their Rioja is well fine too.

And speaking of Rioja, Faustino V was in offer in Tesco there recently for €20.
Bargain of all time

The red is very good ,
Cellier Des Dauphins

2005 and 2006 very good , 2008 also , had a bad bottle of 2007 , but dunno if it was just that one or what

wait for it

6.99 in Dunnes .

I started drinking it a few years ago after picking some up in Auchan in Cherbourg ( at about 2 yoyo a bottle maybe less)

I could drink cases of it .
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