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Diamond League Final is the Pre classic.
it's on youtube from 20:00 saturday and sunday

Feels like a total afterthought but Nike moving heaven and earth to get the stars out to hayward field.

they even changed the rules last week to get Jingy and Mu in which I'm all for

Jacob trying the 1500/3000k double. Kerr ducked it is the only thing but a Barega, Cheptagai, Jacob 3k not to mention a resurgent Grant Fisher should be tastey. Potential for NR for Brian Fay, 18th ranked in the standings but he made it

Mageean should be on for a decent payday in the 1500m

Sprints should be excellent. Sharika Jackson may be in WR shape with a +2.0 wind

The highlight though must be the hyper rare 3 way showdown Mu, Keely, Moraa in the 800m

one more lap....
LOL, fair dues to Nike, they have the race-watching public at heart in pulling all these big names out West. Good to see it’s still the called Pre classic anyways.
Some top racing there for sure. The W800 surely the pick of the meet.
Jakob with a tasty 3.43.7, pressed all the way though. Great to see. Well, I say 'great to see' but it's practically impossible to see the whole goddamn race. Christ, promote the sport guys; it should be on YT by now. CM done for the season, I presume.
You're a master of understatement Jack.

What a weird meet. I thought it encapsulated up the best and worse the sport had to offer in a single package.

The racing was yet again sensational almost uniformly. you didn't need to look too hard to fill the sizzle reel but the whole presentation seemed fuckin amateur hour.

The stadium seemed half full, there were USATF deputy dog types with lanyards and clipbiards walking across every camera shot. The sprinters skulked out of a fire escape to their starting blocks. Splitting the programme meant giving more prominance to field events and they had some great inventive wide angles for the throws particularly, the shotputters looked like gladiators but in the home of hollywood it was slapdash and slow moving between the good bits. Bodies were tired after a long season, world champs beaten almost across the board but with that in mind holy fuck what a meet....

1. Warholm, beaten by Rai Benjanin. he ran well, 4th fastest time ever, just got beat. he's 0-2 in Eugene and 4-0 eveywhere else.

2. Womens Steeple had Beatrice Chepcoetch and Winfred Yavi going at it like a pair of heavyweights over the last 400. Beatrice tried three times off the barriers and couldn't get the job done.

3. Jacob' 3:43 mile. Taking down Steve Cram's ER. The story here is that he was pushed all the way by Yarad Naguse for an American Record. Jacob is still the big balls. if that race is run in the evening the WR goes down

4. Womens 1500m was faity Kipyaygon capping off arguably the greatest season by any athlete ever just missing out on her own WR. Beat ever is not even hyperbole. a bridge too far for Mageean. She's had the beating of most of those women since April.

5. Gudef Tsegay. 5000m WR, 14:00.21 2/10ths off 14 mins. it looked like agony. props to Beatrice Chebet for actually making a race of it. not unlike Naguse, Tsegay is tough as nails.

6. Jacob again in the 3000m. The highlight for me. This was different to the mile or the 5000m at world champs. When he backed off the WR pace around 2k the sharks were in the water and smelling blood. Aragawi, Barega, Bekele, Grialva even Fisher would have all fancied themselves to close quicker than Jacob on Tired legs. He's the fuckin man. Brian Fay was about 30s off it. Doors blown off completly.

7. Mondo. WR. I must have watched him have a cut off 6.23 at the end of about 5 DL meets this year. He is exceptional. Also I got a laugh as Tim Huchinson's talk of Mondo maturing and filling out veered into full on "Suits you sir" poor auld Tim is Smitten

8. Athing Mu, Keely, Moraa part Deux. We'll forgive Moraa, the hangover is real. Reekie finished DFL. First time we've seen a 1:54 since Caster Semenya. I really hope Keely gets over them at some stage at a champs. she keeps stepping up another british record like but keeps getting pipped. Keely skipped indoors mostly but has has a full race scheule for outdoors including running 400m at U23 champd. Mu has raced about 5 times incliding prelims so is fresh.

9. Men's 800m. you wait about 3 years to see a 1:42 and two come along at once. Wanyoni is some exciting athlete. early favourote for Paris

Overall it was great, but the season is too long and winning losing and acually attending don't matter enough.

Latvia next. that should be a jolly up I'd say
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one thing to watch out for is WA pulled the World cross champs from Croatia for next March because they're miles off being ready.

Due to announce a European based replacment by end of sept.

Dublin has to be in with a shot after the sucessfull Eurocross 2 years ago and the fact they have a standing course. Fingers crossed
Catching up with some of the Eugene stuff now. Both the 800 and the 3000 were fantastic races, especially the longer one.

How wise was it running Fay in those last two big races? Won't exactly be rushing to invite him back, will they.
Catching up with some of the Eugene stuff now. Both the 800 and the 3000 were fantastic races, especially the longer one.

How wise was it running Fay in those last two big races? Won't exactly be rushing to invite him back, will they.
Fay is a bit of a conundrum alright. He ran 7:36 for 3k in Italy 2 weeks before his 7:54 in Eugene.

He seems to thrive when the pressure is off. His 13:01 5k was totally unexpected at a Cat C event in Belgium but has underperformed really at NCAA Final, Worlds and DL Final.

He spoke about this a bit after the 13:01. Nic Bideau basically said to him to stop being so intimidated by the Start list

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Good God, the women's marathon record!!!! They're getting close to the Irish men's time.
yeah. Nuts. 2:14ish down to 2:11:53 about a 1.5% improvement on the WR. she was in those new Adidas €500 race + 5 miles shoes everyone was talking about. they need to be banned tomorrow anyway Her Marathion progession is 2:34 2:15 2:11. Ahem.
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