The Official Athletics Thread

Brussels DL tomorrow night

Jingy going for 2k WR.

Ciara Mageean has a lane in the 1500m

Keep an eye out for Addy Wiley the yank. Its her Debut.

She has a wild story. Holds the US 1500m U20 record and ran 1:57 800m last week (second all time US behind Mu)

She doesnt run in the NCAA, even though she had loads of offers, but for a small scool called Huntingdon who Run in the NAIA. She was close family friends with the coach Nick Johnson and wanted to stay home. so far so normal right?

Nick filled his bingo card with Rape, Intimidation and PEDs. Is currently awaiting trial for trafficing a minor accross state lines for sex.

Addy stayed put and changed coach. To Nick's wife Lauren who stood by her man.

Nick's athetes described nick giving them pills from unmarked bottles and shutting down when asked about contents.

I'd imagine Addy is only now starting to hit the testing pool. Maybe only this week because she's in a WADA testing pool with DL

She'll be looking to go pro next year but who would sign her (Nike!)

I'd say there is a bit to run in this story yet
Jacob beginning to look stronger at further than 1500 metres, eh..... Didn't see the women's 15. Or almost anything else. Watching the arm wrestle (kick fest?) that is the rugby instead.
Diamond League Final is the Pre classic.
it's on youtube from 20:00 saturday and sunday

Feels like a total afterthought but Nike moving heaven and earth to get the stars out to hayward field.

they even changed the rules last week to get Jingy and Mu in which I'm all for

Jacob trying the 1500/3000k double. Kerr ducked it is the only thing but a Barega, Cheptagai, Jacob 3k not to mention a resurgent Grant Fisher should be tastey. Potential for NR for Brian Fay, 18th ranked in the standings but he made it

Mageean should be on for a decent payday in the 1500m

Sprints should be excellent. Sharika Jackson may be in WR shape with a +2.0 wind

The highlight though must be the hyper rare 3 way showdown Mu, Keely, Moraa in the 800m

one more lap....
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