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You turnip-munching, island-dwelling, flood-infested, GAA-luvvers don't even understand Norwegian, ffs.

Det er en forenkling vi ikke kan leve med står uimotsagt. As we say.
Sounds like the Valencia Half was a right cracking race this morning. Haven't seen any of it yet.
i just watched the last 2k. Kajelcha is some enigma, i know he won those indoor world titles but has been on the wrong side of some epic battles the last 3 or 4 years.
Unreal in Diamond leagues etc but anonymous at worlds/olymics since his silver in 2019.
Difficult to know if he's one of the best ever or a choke merchant.

He looked like he had broken Kandie here only to back off it and came up short. Brilliant finish
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Great win for Dalton, he's home now after College AFAIK.

Good deep field prior to Eurocross in 3 weeks. The fact that Fay, McEllenhy and Travers, Gidey were all knocked off is a big deal. Top 3 go to Eurocross and one more , probably Keelan Kilrehil

Cork King of the Roads Michael Harty 37th

Good to see Seán Tobin running he's been injured for about 3 years

I didn't travel up but the a few fellas up there said it was a slogfest. Nick Griggs collapsed on the last lap of the U23 and was an hour getting oxygen and the like

Savage win for Bandon ACs Fiona Everard too. Big step up for her had about 30s on the field. seems to be some great things happening down there
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