The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20


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How did they manage to get Ben Healy back? All the Edinburgh and Glasgow Scottish players are sitting this round out.
He's not contracted to them and has never been capped so I guess they don't have the same power? Or maybe Healy told them he doesn't want them to clash with Munster, given they're desperate to get him and it's only half a season?
He is indeed, I suppose this not contracted to them yet is what it's about. He still has a Munster contract that he has to honour I suppose.
Yeah chatted around here, if they're not playing for Glasgow or Edinburgh they have no say on playing time.

Sutherland benched for Ulster last night and I'd imagine Russell plays for Racing tonight.

How bad boy

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Reckon if Munster can get 11 of the 15 points on offer in the next 3 matches Vs Scarlets, Ospreys and Glasgow, they'll be pretty much home and dry for the champions cup next year

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