The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

Ya know what wrecks my head though, clear sealing off at the end of the first half. Ref sees it but ignores it. Someone in his ear tells him.

End of the second, Beirne is stretching over the top of a player doing the same. Ref again looks at it and gives nothing, doesn't get a voice in his ear this time.

Now Munster were very unlikely to go the length of the field but FFS their luck has to land at some stage.
I think a lot of the problems stemmed from trying to play the high intensity game plan under such massive pressure. Entirely understandable but that game was there for the winning, a great sign. Happy enough with it, not made any difference in position, but it was a huge ask to go there and win.
Expect a few injuries off the back of such a bruising encounter
Jez that's a tough ask, still though, another couple of months to allow the game plan settle in on top of what we have seen over the last month and I wouldn't say it's a forgone conclusion.
They showed a nailed on red card incident on BT round up. Clear assault of Joey after 20 mins. Would have had a huge bearing on the result.
The same TMO has form for screwing Munster in the past.
Yeah I thought Carbery was blindsided and it was definitely a yellow. Still a very very good performance against an excellent team. Tough draw but it ll be in a big emptyish stadium where the atmosphere won't be hugely hostile. As South African sides go the Sharks aren't ginormous and they might suit Munster. It's a big ask though. I love Durban..had a great holiday In Natal and some great food there and the coast and Indian ocean are top class.
Dixon was 2 yards away and didn't ask for a look at the incident. Outrageous. Players deserve better protection.

There is going to be some serious litigation from players and World Rugby has itself to blame.

Dixon and the TWO have to be held to account and removed from the panel for the rest of the season at least. Unless this recklessly negligent officiating is stamped out there will be major issues going forward.

Imagine a lawyer pursing damages for head injury effects showing this to the jury and saying no action was taken ?
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