Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Apparently there are 400 Challenger 1 tanks in storage in Jordan and some more in Oman

These are superior to the T72 which are the main tanks used by Ua

Perhaps they should consider preparing these for delivery
Chances of them ever being refitted are slim to none like the Spanish Leopard A4s. Tanks that have been mothballed rarely ever make it back to action, cheaper to build new tanks.
From some comments on Scholz's (delayed) decision on tanks, some MiG29 topic came back.
This was a rumour big time on specialist boards and media, when Germany refused backing up giving jets to Ukraine. I believe, that with Germany position on tanks, German government was worried this time it will happen with Leos as it worked well with jets and now not only PL declared 'finding an alternative way for providing tanks over to Ukraine'. A bit from the article in one of reliable daily papers:

MiG 29 from Poland

Scholz, while boasting about Germany's historic role in supporting Ukraine, also forgets that already last spring Poland, for parts - after a big brawl over whether and how to transfer planes - delivered a "certain number" of MiG 29s to the Ukrainians. Only, by the way of - let's call it conventionally - combined. After all, a fuselage or wings is also a spare part, DGP sources in the Polish government commented.

But let's leave the bidding on who and what was handing over to Ukraine. Let's focus on Scholz. The Chancellor's ranting about Germany's historical role is acting as rationally as possible from Berlin's point of view. One simply has to know at what point to join the success story. And the head of the German government has good intuition in this matter. Tanks are offensive weapons that will be used by the Ukrainians to break the land corridor connecting occupied Crimea with mainland Russia. Which will be the real beginning of the end of the war.
and for some laughs:

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