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Filmed in Ireland, this stars Nicolas Cage in a low budget horror flick doing what he does best, it's either a hit or miss with most of his latest movies. Surprisingly enough, Cage doesn't seem to be the main star as he spends most of the film passed out after an attack.

Set in what seems to be some sort of post-apocalyptic World, even though we never get told what happened, but the fact that there's mutated monsters that look like a cross between werewolves and critters suggest it is an 'end of the World' thing.

The creatures are afraid of light so only come out at dark, Cage and his two sons board up their farmhouse every night to wait out the attacks, one of the sons gets attached to a girl living on another farm, things go pear shaped blah blah.

Low budget, some shaky camera work, monster effects weren't too bad actually, I've seen worse in bigger budget movies, if you liked the 'A Quiet Place' type horror movies you'll enjoy this, going for a decent
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29th May 2024 @ 9:30 pm
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