Official Cycling Thread

You're right, Carm. He said it was vuelta next. I haven't seen this year's parcours, but you'd say that the nature of la Vuelta in recent years would suit him best of the three grand tours.
I watched the first episode of Unchained on Netflix and some of the accidents are brutal particularly when the descriptions are from the cyclists themselves. RIP that man. :(
Jesus, lads, cycling must be up there with the most dangerous sports, what? Jumps racing, Formula 1 and what others are up there? That must have been brutal that crash yesterday.
Sticky Bottle suggesting that Bennett is not in the Bora team for the TdF. Ffs. He's really been fucked around in the last few years. Some of it has been really unlucky with injuries, but you have to wonder if he's fucked it up himself as well.
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