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Looks like Eddie's losing a massive amount, lads. Don't know where he'll end up overall.
Eddie 7th overall(1 sec ahead of 5th and 16 ahead of 9th) an outstanding result, today he lost 3 mins to Roglic and 1-2 mins on others in the top 10 but he still finished the stage 19th out of 125 riders. As I said a great result on only his second GT. Now 26, hard to know how he can progress in the next few years as the top GC guys are setting a very high bar. Healy 3rd in KoM, at 22 he has a long career ahead.
I love these guys-they provide such great entertainment. So good to be able to watch world class sport every day for three weeks. I try to catch the last hour of each stage.
For those who didnt catch it, Thomas was 26 secs up on Roglic before todays mountain timetrial. Today Roglic had made up most of that gap but then his chain came off on a steep part of the last climb with only 3km to go. It must have cost him at least 30 or 40 secs but in the end he won the stage 40 secs ahead of Thomas meaning he is 14 secs ahead with only the last stage to go (which should be a formality).
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