Junior A Football 2023

I actually attended this game. KVN look very dangerous in attack. Been following this folk for a small while. They are extremely strong in defence and at attack. It’s to my understanding that their corner forward Eddie Cotter. Who pocketed 2 goals and a few points was away for the league. With him back and a few more players flying. I genuinely think that KVN can rattle this county title. However they will not have it easy. As of now they play the best football in Avondhu and it’s between themselves and Charleville who can really play, for the Avondhu title in my opinion. The league final long behind them and they’re motoring
Where do you play for Killavullen Pat?
On this years form alone Id be saying Barryroe. Their playing some quality football and with the Kielys and O Donovans they'll be hard to stop. Wouldnt count out either Tadgh Mac or Kilmac, both have huge experience in their teams and know how to win knockout games which count give the edge over a relatively inexperienced Barryroe team

How could is the other Kiely? Where does he play?
Barryroe have some very good players alright.
Dave Kiely is a very good footballer in his own right, plays predominately in midfield or the half forward line. The amalgamation with Argideen (Ibane Gaels) has certainly benefited them hugely
Avondhu QF
Charleville v Clyda Rovers
L/C Gaels v Mallow

Ballyhooly v winners of Cville and Clyda
Killavullen v winners of Gaels and Mallow

Charleville Killavullen final

Charleville will more than likely be able to focus on football by then and will probably recruit a few senior hurlers who hadnt played till now.

Killavullen will be too strong for LC who are surprised to be still in the championship and a Mallow 2nd team who tend be hit and miss
Seems unusual.. How did that happen exactly?
I assume it’s because they topped a different group and didn’t get drawn out of a hat into the semi spot?
3 groups, 2 winners were pulled from a hat for the SF. Fairest way of doing it considering the groups didn't have even numbers so it wouldn't be easy to gauge who was " best winner etc" but for Clyda to win 3 and only get a quarter final is harsh. Just the luck of the draw going against them.
I don't know who Clyda have available to them, I'm assuming Charleville will be out the hurling by the time that game comes around so Charleville could have anyone available.
My own club are on the up in the football, and I've felt that way for a few years but they were paired with Kilworth and Charleville in a group of 3 for the last few years so it was hard to progress. We're a few years off challenging yet, Oier O'Callaghan will be a big addition next year.
I can't see anything other than a Killavullen- Charleville final at the moment.
I was impressed with Ballyhooly the first day out against Kilworth, but after seeing them again I think Kilworth might have made them look good, also a 2 day turnaround for Kilworth from the Ballinhassig game didn't help them.
Our lads always looked in control against Ballyhooly barring a 10 minute patch in the first half where Ballyhooly scored 5 in a row, but that was only able to level the game for them.
Killavullen like barredfootballer said will have too much for either our lads or Mallow.
Charleville should have too much for Clyda and Ballyhooly, not too hard to work out the finalists from there.
Going to go for Charleville to win it out from here.

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