Immigration Thread

This guy sounds well dodgy.
He does, but it is also a fairly standard public order type offence. You will have a version of same in most district courts every week. Fella gets drunk and abusive in a public place and is arrested and charged.
The stock answer used by politicians these days when pressed on migration is to reply.....A fair system, Fair to who?
Fair to everybody, How do you propose to do that? Off they go on a different tangent altogether,
The right mean fair to locals, as in no more. The left mean fair to refugees and IPAS applicants, as in come on in lads we’ll house ye despite having little space. The middle ground has been lost.
Solution for Cork would be to drop them all off at the Kerry border. They have the highest number of hotel rooms in the country outside Dublin iirc.

The greasy animals wouldn’t be able to resist the year round coin, But need to do it before high tourist season.
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