Gay pub erasing gay folx

Word has reached Brazil that a queer establishment in town is actively erasing gay people after taking the pink euro for years.
I just want to personally express my solidarity with my gay brothers, sisters and themselves for the oppressive moving of the bunting for freshers week in a devastating exclusionary move.
We will not stand and bare witness to another queer space being straight washed after the erosion of Loafers and the Loft.
Solidarity ✊🏳️‍🌈

Saw on Reddit they had some protest at the courthouse in the pissing rain during the week 🤣🤣. Maybe I should hold my own to bring redz back (even though I'm well beyond my nightclub days at this stage)
Pat and Faye Shortt - Knuckle Down!
Cork Opera House, Emmet Place, Cork

9th Mar 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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All Of Us Strangers (16)

Triskel Arts Centre, Tomorrow @ 8pm

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