So you have more than a few accounts going on PROC then?
I guess the admins are going to love that.

Anyway, you do know that the person you have a vendetta against can find out who you are since you are defaming him?
You do realise that you have put your 2 big left foot in it?

Oh dear, if I were you, I would delete my account and hope PROC doesn't get a letter from a solicitor's office asking to unearth who you are.....

On what grounds are you claiming that you/John is being defamed? For it to be defamation I'm fairly sure you will need to show that you/John have a good reputation (good luck with that) and what Cranky posted was untrue. Can you do that?

If not, why don't you stop with your veiled threats you silly cyclist 😇
Do you think the brakes on a car are more powerful than the brakes on a bike?
A car has much more mass behind it, so it doesn't matter tbh.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that cars have a worse stopping distance than bikes, but I doubt there has been a peer reviewed study done on this.
Breaking news:

Being hit by big heavy metal box doing 40kph is more damaging than being hit by bicycle doing 40kph. The question is can a bicycle doing 40 brake better than a car doing 40?

Pure deflection there. The metal boxes are getting bigger and heavier, but let's ignore that fact.
It isn't necessarily his speed though or even the road position he takes up - it's the intent. If people went out driving looking for aggro, deliberately provoking, remonstrating with other drivers etc etc it wouldn't be long before there would be a squad car involved and repeatedly doing it day in day out with invariably incur penalty points for driving with undue care and attention etc etc.

Case in point I know of a poster here (possibly ex poster, it's hard to tell) who routinely advocates for cyclists online - more cycle lanes, safer passing from motorists etc etc............however they do not go looking for or cause aggro as their way of doing it. At the end of the day, we all just want to get from a to b safely. We don't need to have people on the road deliberately looking to cause trouble.
Absolutely, we all do. In the same way I assume Righttobikeit does as well (Twitter death wish aside) I posted this before months ago, that when I cycling I always assume that motorists do have a clue of the rules of the road when it comes to dealing with cyclists on the road, the vast majority that I have encountered don't. His issue is that 9 out of 10 times he is correct on the rules but his arrogance doesn't let him see that there are many cyclists/drivers buried in graveyards all over the country who were also correct. He definitely does go looking for aggro but the scary thing is how easy motorists react to him as well. He clearly cycles an awful lot and obviously will come across more of these incidents but the amount of punishment passes that he posts is frightening particularly if you have young kids cycling.
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