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I think I might drop into Anglesea street later and complain John for public order offences.

Foul and abusive language in a public place and stopping traffic.

You're on notice m8. Good of you to provide the evidence.
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JK John, you'd want to be an awfully sad p*ick to be going complaining to the Gardai for every trivial offence you encounter on the road.

They've enough to be dealing with rather than wasting resources on cranks with nothing better to do, clogging up the busy court schedule.

'John Grace, who is aged around 50, has an online presence under the hashtag “right to bike” and has made over 50 complaints in the past in relation to driving incidents'.
[Evening Echo]
@Meridian is right.
Sunsundegui is one of the few main makes of coaches that I'v never been an example of. The Ulsterbus ones were always considered better than BE ones on this forum anyway. A lot of the rattles on the SP is caused by the luggage racks not being tightened, plus the old door issue is caused by drivers moving off before the door is fully closed.
This is also really helpful for disabled persons. All basic wheelchairs like these can drag into it.


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All the motorists are wrong in that clip. As are you most of the time on here.

Can I ask you Roxy, do you think cyclists, yes even John Grace, should have a bell on their bicycle whenever they are out on the public roads/paths?

And if they don't do you think they should be fined for every recorded (they keep recording it don't they) incident? And if so, how much should the fine be?


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1. Same for any motorist.
2. I'd wager it would be a lot easier for a cyclist to either avoid the pedestrian completely, crash but not hit pedestrian, slow down sufficiently that even if he did hit the pedestrian it would be at low speed and unlikely to cause serious harm.
None of which could be said for a motorist driving the same speed.

As a matter of interest what do you reckon is an injury-free stopping distance for all concerned on a dry road for a cyclist doing 40kph compared to a car doing 40kph?


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A) the limit is just that, a limit. It's not a target.

B) I'm going to safely assume the driver wouldn't beep at someone driving a car doing 40 in a 50 zone.

C) "holding up traffic?" That stretch of laneway is at the very most about 500 metres. Going an extra 10kmph faster isn't going to make much of a difference. "Holding up" 😂

D) The lane clearly has markings to show cyclists are to use the lane too

And yet graceless John reckons the markings indicate cycling priority. :unsure:

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