Cork Hurlers - Part 2

SOD manhandled Gillane and recklessly/needlessly gave way the penalty. Regardless of whether Gillane held his hurley or not, was there any need for that from SOD?
There was need, because otherwise gillane could gather clean possession unopposed. For long enough people are complaining about cork not being physical in the tight stuff
Leave the referee crybaby softie Cork stuff off for a change fellas. We lost by a point, regardless of the ref. Beyond embarrassing at this stage.
Can’t fault the Cork team today . Gave it everything and we lost by a point. Nothing for them to be embarrassed about, and they showed their usual fight and resilience! Referee didn’t help!
When Limerick make a habit of full frontal charges on Cork forwards, referee has no option but award a free. In a one point game, margins are obviously very fine, and awarding a penalty at a crucial time, without consulting the umpires is a damning indictment of the referee!
And he might score a goal as opposed to conceding a penalty? How many penalties have we conceded so far this C'ship and how many have the opposition scored/missed?

Genius stuff leeside.
Yes a penalty was awarded.
But he didn't actually concede a penalty, he defended it correctly. Ref called it wrong, players make a decision on what to do assuming ref will pick up on what actually happens. No matter what way you look at it it's a proven fact on camera that hurley was held, which is a free out. So ref was incorrect
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