Cork Hurlers - Part 2

Lost by a point... I know the penalty was a poor decision as well... and Hoggie got a free for not much at all but the free given against Cahalane for handling on the ground is where my mind goes. I can't help it.... I know it was one incident in a game full of incidents but that's where my head goes.
Referee was a long way off to see that. Ball bounced up, and Cahalane didn’t pick up off ground. Umpires weren’t consulted… poor referee!
Gillane had a firm grip on O’ Donoghues Hurley as the ball coming in. No penalty!! Should have been free out… another example of poor referee in GAA
He did in fairness. A few of the limerick lads were doing it but the ref only called them up once on it. It’s hard enough to call when you’re doubled over and hiding the oppositions Hurley.
Yeah there was a gap between him picking it up and the pitch on replay so not a free in my opinion but Tbf to the ref there absolutely no way he could possibly see that even from 10 yards away.

He gave the free for something he didn't actually see and assumed DC picked it off the ground. Not good refereeing, especially when it's a game decided by that point, that sees Cork going out of the championship.
Great effort, hard one to take being so close. When limerick went up 7 points, in the past cork would have dropped the head and lost by double figures.
I'm optimistic going forward. I feel there was great progress this year under new management, despite not getting through Munster.
Plenty young players coming over next couple seasons. Still think we're heading in right direction
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