Cork Hurlers - Part 2

There was times in last few seasons where Cork were making all Ireland quarters and semis but you'd feel they were a bit off being contenders.

This year it feels they are getting closer even though they couldn't get out of Munster, even in defeats the performance is better or something. More willingness to work hard, think this will only improve under Pat Ryan.
Yes a penalty was awarded.
But he didn't actually concede a penalty, he defended it correctly. Ref called it wrong, players make a decision on what to do assuming ref will pick up on what actually happens. No matter what way you look at it it's a proven fact on camera that hurley was held, which is a free out. So ref was incorrect
Brainless stuff. Yeah, let's keep mandlandling/wrapping hands around forwards when hurleys are held.
The Complete Stone Roses
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