Cork Hurlers - Part 2

PR brought Lehane on to run at the yellow cards, he got one opportunity with open space in front of him and hand passed to a green jersey. Collins distribution isn't good enough. Even though Fitzgibbon scored 4pts IMO he hasnt played consistently well since Bill Cooper was playing. Mark Coleman has been a mighty loss as well as Robbie.
ANOTHER weekend away for the referee in Adare
Yeah there was a gap between him picking it up and the pitch on replay so not a free in my opinion but Tbf to the ref there absolutely no way he could possibly see that even from 10 yards away.
Yeah it's hard for the ref to see it so he shouldn't have blown for the free! You don't blow on the off chance.

Proud of the boys in fairness. Gutted it's all over for 2023 already...fuck sake.
The worst thing a referee can do is make a call that didn’t exist. Missing a call can be excused. Calling something that didn’t happen means you literally made it up. Cahalane didn’t pick it off the ground which means the referee made it up. No other way to explain it. I’m sure he thought he saw it but if it didn’t happen how is that possible. He made an assumption at best. Terrible job.
He gave the free for something he didn't actually see and assumed DC picked it off the ground. Not good refereeing, especially when it's a game decided by that point, that sees Cork going out of the championship.
True and it’s tough to lose by a point but there’s so much with hurling that impossible to ref I think. The “handpass”, picking up off the ground. Unless they bring in some video evidence they’ll never catch everything. And jaysus if we have to wait 5 mins for Hawkeye to figure out if a ball has gone over the bar then we’ll have to settle for the ref making a call.

Wouldn’t be a ref for anything. They should look at having two refs to keep up with the game. This year had been mad in terms of scoring. All our games are examples of how 9/10 point leads are easily enough eroded. The speed of play is nuts.
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