Cork Hurlers - Part 2

On Lehane...its hard to believe a fella at this stage of his career and so much experience can blow so hot and cold.

Usually as players get older they find that consistency. I've seen enough at this stage to say you know how it's going to go for him after first 10 mins.
Collins is a brilliant shot stopper but his distribution is poor. The best 2 goalkeepers in Cork are with the U20s
D Cahalane absolute brainless, should have been sent off. Did some good things but there’s always a howler in him
Lehane, his bad days such as today are horrific, but when he’s on form he’s an automatic starter. You don’t know which CL you’re going to get.
Shane Barrett has improved immensely, our most consistent forward this league.
On a positive note, good to see the chasing back from many of the forwards most notably Jack O Connor. Should be a given, and is a clearly something the management are highlighting.
That was extremely disappointing. Damien Cahalane lost his head again for the umpteenth time. They Kilkenny fella had actually been dispossessed before Cahalane tomahawked him. It was a definite red. The discipline went after that. We give out about limerick on you think ond of them would do what Eoin Downey did and worse get caught? Nope. Wheres Pat Ryan going with that eejit of a goalie.,? He's going way too long with his passes and his shots at points were horrific. Rob Downey was excellent. Barratt had a good first half, went missing in the second half and took an easy greedy point when nothing except a goal was needed. Joyce was good.. midfield eaten alive. And I have to agree...too physically weak. Tommy O Connell is game but as green as grass. He needs a full season . Ref was terrible.. he gave Kilkenny some awful handy frees. Limerick might aswell leave Hegarty and Hayes off because that Kilkenny are one ordinary but hardworking side
Is there any chance Pat Ryan didn't go full on for that second half.? He was barely moving on the line. I actually think Cahalanes swipe was so bad they ll investigate it.
The rucks.. loads of bodies but no composure. They all just pile in ontop of each other and end up getting in each others way. That's a bad bad finish to the league.
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